©Jeroen de Wandel


Jean D.L.
15th February 2019 – Oratriënhof, Leuven (Be)
16th February 2019 – Walter, Brussels (Be)
April 2019- Germany & HollandTour with Ben Bertrand – More info Soon

Jean D.L. & Karen Willems
Coming Soon……

Jean D.L. & Otto Lindhom
06th February 2019 – N9, Eeklo (Be)





13th January 2019 – TAPING POLICY #3_ De Wolwinkel, Geel (Be)
14th December 2018- Magasin 4, Brussels (Be)
08th November 2018 – Botanique, Brussels (Be)
3th October 2018 – GAS Festival, Göteborg (Swe)
24th September 2018 – Pêle-Mêle, Waterlo (Be)
30th June – Panorama festival, Marcinelle (be)
23th June – Eglise Sainte Catherine, Liège (Be)
Stahlmus Delegation (Jean D.L., Teun Verbruggen & Mauro A. Pawlowski)
11th May – Le LAC, Brussels (Be)
Jean & Karen will be on tour as the support act of Lee Ranaldo Electric Trim Trio
04th March – Karlstorbahnhof – Heidelberg (ge) (with Karen)
03th March – Roter Salon der Volksbühne – Berlin (ge) (Jean D.L. solo)
02sd March – Kampnagel – Hamburg (ge) (with Karen)
24th February – La Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré – Tourcoing (fr)  (Jean D.L. Solo)
02sd March – Kampnagel – Hamburg (ge) (with Karen)


2sd December, Jacques Cerami Gallery – Charleroi – (BE°
18th November, La Ferme festival!!!! – Ferme du Biereau – Louvain-la-Neuve -(BE)
4th November, PointCulture – Charleroi – (BE)
11th October, N9 (support act of Lee Ranaldo) – Eeklo – (BE)
29th September,  Pêle-Mêle – Waterloo – (BE)
23th September , Ancienne Belgique (AB Salon) – Brussels – (BE)
20th September , City Sonic Festival – Charleroi – (BE)
07th – 17th September, City Sonic – Charleroi – (BE)
07th October – VK, Brussels – (be)
19th August Nocturne Atlantikwall – Ostende – (Be)
01st July – Panorama Festival, Charleroi – (BE)
21th May – Boot Tenace, Brussels – (BE)
19th May – Boot Tenace, Brussels – (BE)
06th May – Worm, Rotterdam – (NL)
22th April – Inner Space, Liège – (BE)
21th April – Maison des musiques, Brussels – (BE)
19th April – Les Brigittines, Brussels – (BE)
17th March – Walvis, Brussels – (BE)
10 & 11th March – Arenberg, Antwerp – (BE)
2sd March – Reflektor, Liège – (BE)
26th February – Kinky Star, Ghent – (BE)
4th February – Ballades Sonores, Brussels- (BE)


HOL (Feat Jean D.L., Mauro A. Pawlowski & Louis van der Wall)
20th November 2016 – Théâtre Antigone, Kortrijk (BE)
“La Nuit et L’enfant” screening + concert
30th October 2016 – Cinema aventure, Brussels (BE)
31th October  2016 – Cinema le Parc, Charleroi (BE)
10.09.2016: Book art faire at Wiels, Brussels (BE)
03.07.2016: La Tanée, Le Roeulx (BE)
02.07.2016: Koffie & Ambacht, Rotterdam (NL)


24.10.2015: Concert and movie screening, Bleek, Sint-Niklaas (Be)
21.10.2015: Release Concert S/T, Wiels, Brussels (Be)
05.10.2015: Jean D.L. with Stahlmus Delegation, Magasin4, Brussels (Be)
02.10>02.11.2015: Prix d’Hainaut, Musée des Beaux-Arts Charleroi (Be)
29.09.2015: Release Concert S/T, Sound In Motion, Antwerp (Be)
26.09.2015: Concert and movie screening, City Sonic, Mons (Be)
09.2015: Concert and movie screening, Vrijplaats Leiden, Leiden (NL)
03.09.2015: Release Concert S/T, Rockerill, Charleroi (Be)
01.05>03.05.2015: Book Launch of “Psychic Diary” + Video Installation, Galerie Jan Dhaese, Ghent (BE)
Jean D.L. & Sandrine Verstraete, AncienneBelgique, Brussels (BE)


18.12>21.12  &  27>28.2014: Solstice d’Hiver, TTTT Gent (BE)
14.11.14: Errant Bodies (screening + performance), Hotel Charleroi (BE)
29.11.14: Jean D.L. & Sandrine Verstraete, Projection Room Brussels (BE)
8.11.14: TYSMFYH, Rockerill Charleroi (BE)
4.11.14: Stahlmus Delegation, Belvédère Namur (BE)
28.10.14: Trio with Jean D.L., Andrew Claes & Teun Verbruggen, RatEvent, LeVecteur, Charleroi (BE)
27.09 > 28.10.2014: Errant Bodies, La Confection Idéale Tourcoing (Fr)
15.09.14: TYSMFYH, Incubate Tilburg (NL)
29.07.14 : Cinecerto, Concert, Impasse Temps Brussels (BE)
14.06 -29.06.14 : Hollow, Exhibition, Hectoliter Brussels (BE)

08.06.14: TYSMFYH, Concert, Magasin4 Brussels (BE)
04.05.14 – 10.05: Group Exhibition, Merge Brussels (BE) with concert by Jean D.L. & Sandrine Verstraete
01.04.14: Jean D.L. & Sandrine Verstraete, Concert, Le Vecteur Charleroi (BE)

09.03.14: Donkerder, Screening, Les Chevreuils Brussels (BE) with live screenscore by Jean D.L.

20-21.12.13: Impulse, ArtyParty Aalst (BE)
06-08.13: Biennale de Venise Group exhibition, (SIC) Brussels (BE)


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