Seven-Channel video – installation
Two Tablets
Four flatscreen
One Projection
Stéreo sound System

HOLLOW II (2014)

Five-Channel video – installation
One Monitor
One Flatscreen
Three Tablets
One Mirror

What gave us the first impulse to start these series of video-installations was the desire to again make true and intimate portraits. These portraits also become a sort of auto-portrait, gives away something of the maker (his formulations, choice of frame, colors,etc), but more importantly they reveal something about the relation between the person portrayed and the creator.

Like in all of our work, we start from a personal basis like this, that we then use to create an universal and open ‚story’ of fragments, in which the audience can associate and feel personally involved. That is why we wanted to research more profoundly this relationship mentioned above, to make it a reflection of relationships in general. It started a reflection around the question: what is it that us connect, what do we share with one and other?

For us the answer, developed in these two works, lies in the notion of finitude; the awareness that marks where we end and others start, as well in time as in space.

From that point of view these two works become a portrait of absence with images trying to retrace the person that isn’t there (anymore), but by trying only make the absence more palpable.


HOLLOW (2013-2014)

Three- Channel video – installation
One Monitor
One Flatscreen
One Tablet
One Stereo Soundscape to be played in the ROOM
One Stereo Soundtrack to Be played on HEADPHONES
One Green Woolen BLANKET to be spread out on the floor

This video installation an exploration of different filmic textures that are woven together to make an intimate space, reminiscent of the past.

It shows fragments of a immobile body in a movement of trying to capture what cannot be caught or comprehended, like the accompanying videos show a repetitive search in movement and camera movement.



Three- Channel video – installation – Stereo

The video Errant Bodies is a collection of images, sounds and texts, that show the (mental) journey of two people, together and seperate. It is both a psychic roadmovie exploring absence and flawed closeness as a documentation of places related to a personal affect.

Central in the text is a a longing and an accompagnying loss of notion of time, past, present and future get mixed up: it talks about memories of the future, a hope for the past.

Both in themes and esthetic ERRANT BODIES is closely related to PSYCHIC DIARY. It can be both seen as an epilogue, in image and text, to Psychic Diary or a new beginning with echos of the past.

Errant bodies is shown both as a 4-channel video installation as an one channel movie.
When projected on one channel, it is accompagnied by a soundtrack by the artists.



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