The video Errant Bodies is a collection of images, sounds and texts, that show the (mental) journey of two people, together and seperate. It is both a psychic roadmovie exploring absence and flawed closeness as a documentation of places related to a personal affect.
Central in the text is a a longing and an accompagnying loss of notion of time, past, present and future get mixed up: it talks about memories of the future, a hope for the past.
Both in themes and esthetic ERRANT BODIES is closely related to PSYCHIC DIARY. It can be both seen as an epilogue, in image and text, to Psychic Diary or a new beginning with echos of the past.
Errant bodies is shown both as a 4-channel video installation as an one channel movie.
When projected on one channel, it is accompagnied by a soundtrack by  the artists.

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-24 om 11.26.30

Schermafbeelding 2014-06-21 om 14.56.38

CRADLE (2013)

Cradle shows a negative, a suffocating absence, a tension lingering under the skin, a difficulty to communicate, set in places with a personal familiarity yet also breathing alienation.
hands have picked me up
and put me in this cradle
a face almost familiar
a breath sounding
and everything I see is skin


A Place (2008)

A Place explores the phenomenological perception of familiar places (related to memories, anecdotes, family…) and non-places which don’t really belong to anyone but through which we pass. The artist tries to suggestively translate the «affects» related to those places through his editing of images and sounds.

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